Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The trek-part1

Was an usual day for all of us...all of a sudden we decided for a trek...viz.. the Vellingiri hills, one of the tuffest in south India....but little did we know before we started....Shanku, Vishnu, Sriram, Sridhar, Arvind, Saravana, Abishek n of course ME... we started as an usual bike ride went to d foot hills of the hills, infact we went to the so called Dhyana Linga before dat....Of course d hindrance was the petty shops where we ppl had a fag....

Our agenda was to stay in d foothills n start by early morning next day....was an usual night but sriram made it interesting, we parked d bikes say a distance of about 100 meters from where we stayed, then had dinner.....we l be comin often to check whether the bikes were locked properly..hahaha, the so called reason for a fag.....ppl there scared us abt the elephants roaming there n blah blah.....huh!! we ppl are so intrepid that we dared to risk our lives for a fag....hmmm....juz then ppl started teasin others, shanku started messagin to his so called girl frined, n sriram suddenly became embarassed and lot of poems oozed from him as he saw the full moon, ofcouse for Suji, the so called his girl friend.....sriram started about sudha, sridhar s gal it ended all of a sudden as soon as he got a nice pucnch from sridhar...:-), then came abisheks turn, haha he s got a great passion for reptiles, coz kaveri s called arvind started messagin to shanku s gf, so shanku now started about vishnu...vishnu was d most handsome n a silent guy, who has a good lot of gal friens but does nt reveal to any.....then ppl started wid me, which ofcourse cant be eloberated here..hehe....cone, thats how saravana s called, the body builder started wid thakali(arvind).....All of a sudden,we pushed off to bed, coz shanku had an important work there....sriram asusaul, the voluble guy was on his path...nonstop nonsense...:-)....there ended the day....


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