Sunday, October 15, 2006

genY into A!C!T!I!O!N! :)

genY- The name christened by Lalitha for her ELTP's ...Wondering what ELTP is?? its Entry Level Time Pass gang of the Big Blue! ;)..Yup, genY planned for an outing and was executed well! The Shivasamudhra waterfalls and the Thalakadu was the destination! Well, the tuffest part was that we were compelled to wake up early! We had to start by 6.45(which was the actual deadline)..! But come on yaar, when have we kept the correct time???:)...Started by 7.30 went directly to Lalitha s home !Picked her up and zoooooom we are in ACTION! These events really turned us nostalgic about our college days! Never mind, this was yet another college kinda trip!

Each and every one were grouping along with their friends initally and every one had their own private conversation in silence! Silence is golden, but not in this case....Karnati broke the silence with an acute arrow saying "Come on guys, lets have fun"! then started the actual trip! Started with the traditional Anthakshari! Songs after songs, gals became Lata Mangeshkar s and guys turned out to be another Hariharan! :) The group started splitting up and people are getting new friends in high frequency! OOPS! 9' o clock and time for the breakfast! The place we took breakfast was a kind of highway garden(actually a petrol bunk)! Had breakfast, took snaps and back to action! The music was ON in such a way that every one s goose flesh were ON too! Thats it, Sribas was unable to hold his instincts and started to dance n then one more started n then one more n then finally Lalitha! Good man , people started enjoyin!! Then to Dumbcharades, which was an awesome time pass and then yes, we have reached the Shivasamudhram, which took actually 3 hrs, but no one felt how the time passed! It was less than 3 minutes!!

The falls was in simple word Awesome! Acutally we need to cross a river to view the falls, this crossing was too good coz the rocks were too slippery and was fun crossing them! The silver cascade was too good a scenery that every one enjoyed snappin' them! Then after hell lotta time pass we moved on! Took lunch - the one prepared by Lalitha! No one would have tasted a better lunch than this! n this is true! Then to Thalakad, the historic place and the place where the cauvery river starts! We hired a guide to get details about this historic place...He told things like it was built 800 years back, lotta gold, kings blah blah blah.............! Every time he l start with a poem..."Malenge Marulagi Mysore valziyaghi ....................." heheh! We were njoyin this coz none of us were able to understand him!:) Then took snaps n passed time in the banks of the river! We were back in an hour, and now its long way back home! Every one were tired n wanted to sleep! But, Sribas did not allow any one to even close their eyes for a sec! This time he started a new game, the lie telling competition! Went fine! Came to know about each other a lot!

Finally a dinner on the Mysore highway n thats it..! End of the day! I am sure none of us would forgot this memorable trip! End of the day we saw new place, new friends and all together a new time pass!! It was really ROCKING!


Blogger Mighty Titan said...

hey buddy !! its fantastic to know that your have been amongst posts of late !! read ur posts.. they are aweome da.. Well done buddy!!

1:29 AM  
Blogger barbi said...

so nice to see u come up with a article.
u owe me sometin for dis!!!!!

good article dude!
awesome acronym man, pity its not a TLA. :-)

3:20 AM  

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