Monday, July 30, 2007

""Baroque Barcamp""

BAR-Camp - yes, i too thought the same..viz d liquor camp ;). But, no it is not..! Anyways, your expectations won' t be put to death..Its lot more than what you think. My first ever visit to the so called barcamp was really awesome..

....For ppl who haven heard of this -- This is a kind of camp which conducts Un-Conference, Un-Band n lots more..Un-Conference is a place where any one present there is a speaker. For name-sake a guy takes up the dais, n then any one can continue the topic..may be if a spectator has more points than the speaker, he can take over the dais..! They divide the topics into collectives, where in, each collective consist of a subject..May be Biking or Social talk or Ajax or Ruby or Internet...People interested in the topic can move to the respective collective..If bored, never mind, change the collective....This is just a gist of what is going on..

....Here comes my experience out of it..The day one started with 'Start-Ups', and came to a conclusion that this is really not a place for me to come..a really banal talk was going on.! Shifted to Internet Collective, a talk on Adobe[pronounced Adobee] AIR was going on..really cool talk on the new product launched by them..then came Silver Light a product by Microsoft..the best part here was the venue was IIM-B, the campus never seen..The best ever place on earth i ve ever seen, the greeny ground, the silent trees, the lovely rain...things were really great..n to add on, my friend was from IIM-B n gotta chance to explore the college well..I really fell in luv wid the place n don wanna come back again to home..:(..Then there were sessions on blogging, open source products, etc..A person is really dumb, in case he knows about this camp n misses to attend...A couple of days there would change your entire life..the way you think, the way others wanna think about you, etc...drastic change in the way we think..You juz will feel there are lot more things outta there than we ever think of.!

My God, the tech savvy geeks are all out there from all over India.! Yes, time to conclude this blog.! Lastly, this a camp not seen, not thought of...attend the next before you think more.!


Blogger barbi bharadwaj said...

Not just knowledge, but also an interest to start (start??) blogging too.

one person is very happy to see you blogging

2:50 AM  

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