Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I am always a lover of controversies..A couple of minutes back, when i was juz stumbling upon, i got a chance to see the Pentagon crash controversy video which made me write this article. Controversies are always an area of interest for most of them..Controversies exists right from Julius caesar's assasination to JFK assain to the recent Pentagon crash.

.. All seems to be a spell of magic being played. Controversies are just boosted by the media, obviously thats how we come to know a lotta things..Last year i got a video regarding the Controversy on d man who landed the moon..The video showed me ample proof to belive that man did not reach moon and it was just a foul play by the US.! Seems there are hell lotta controversies in and around Americans.

.. The pentagon controversy, shows the real proof on how the US government wanna hide the things actually went on. The Pentagon getting hit by a plane, and there are no traces of the plane as well as the 5000 gallons of the fuel, people are not fools out here to belive in such a thing. The worst part is, the blast was completly obvious n damn sure it was not hit by such a huge plane..n they wanna hide this big secret..If this is the case, think of the other secrets they wish to hide. Infact the JFK assain caused them to belive Cuba did this, and there area ample proofs for them reverting back..viz, they have tried to assainate Fidel Castro for more than one hundred times..

.. Though they come under the best country to be now, the controversies prove that they have something not visible to everyone..Hope they come out as soon as possible.!

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life is full of such thoughts.. :)

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