Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Google's Gift to Mother India!

Ever celebrated your b'day without any gifts from your dear ones?! Nope..Yup, Google the number uno website has not betrayed Mother India..It has gifted us a couple of products which are really worthy..
To commemorate the 60 years young India, google has given us free searches in some 14 Indian languages..And on top of it, we do not need any special softwares to type them..The Ajax code written by Google to search in Tamil was really awesome. They have accommodated all the 247 letters in the language in a 4x4 inch box..And the selection is in a very lucid manner.
Eager to test it out? Most of us know we can personalize our Google Home Page based on our needs (i.e the widget we need) using iGoogle. You just need to iGoogle and select your own widgets. Here is an example text. Just type the given search keyword and try to google it, தேவதைகள் முட்டாள்கள்..! (Finding it too tuff? Copy paste it :)) Find some interesting poetry by Raga in it!

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