Thursday, August 09, 2007

Its not the way you think!!

In the the current scenario, the world on the whole believes GOOGLE! Yes, it would be more appalling to know certain things google does.!
Couple of years ago, i got to see a video the NSA, the National Security Agency run by the US government. The most shocking fact is that they monitor your surveillance. Where you go, when you go, what you do etc. The documentary clearly showed us how they monitor people over. And, one more fact is that US government has the total authority of all the mail servers, means they can check out all the information floating over the world.! This was read by me somewhere and not sure if it could be true. Considering the facts that Pentagon was crashed(not actually) and the hell lot of controversies revolving around them, this does not seem to prevaricate.

Finally coming to the fact, ever wondered if Google keeps track of what you do with Google? Yes, it keeps track of the IP address, the time and the content of search you do in a database, forever.! The worst part being they can use this willfully to the concerned authorities.! And yup, obivously problems have solution unless it is NP-Hard :)(little geeky thing). There came a website googlonymous which does not keep track of your surveillance. If you browse this way, the only visibily google has is the IP of the googlonymous.!

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Blogger schroedinbugs said...

i dont think its possible to keep track of all datas of what we search...coz it may take a lot of memory which may not be affordable...

12:46 AM  

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