Sunday, May 07, 2006


The best part in your life is the life u spend in the college!! Loads and loads of fun, a little bit of study, treats, etc...etc...There are ample number of moments in the college, which keeps our memories cherished throught out the life. This is just a jist of those memories!!
The first day i entered the college, i was one among the 600 students who was/am proud to join such an engineering college. Those enthusisasm, the goose pimples i got are still in front of my eyes.

First year in college was a kind of school atmosphere, go to the college right on time, attend full classes etc. Me and some of my friends usually go by the bus called 16B, which crosses an ample number of colleges like the Tech, Krishnammal(girls college) etc..So, no other go, our bus is one of the most colorful bus in the city ;). It is rather like a college bus coz we see the same faces daily. That was really hell lot of time pass for us. Not to mention, the talk of the college would be if a person cuts the class and goes for a movie! Cut the classes n going for a movie was a passion for me when i was in school n well i achieved it during the college!!!:) The supposed to be best part is the ragging during the first year, but we miss a lot of them because of the strict rules in the college. Though we had strict rules, we get teased by them often, such as don wear the shoes n don wear the t-shirts n don wear the watches n all these silly silly stuff. Classes run on time, the worst part is we listen to the classes, n the worst of the worst part, we ask doubts in the class! Study for the mid-semesters, feel for getting low marks, all these things too happen in the college. During the afternoons in the first year, we juz have our lunch n sit idle in the CLASS ROOM chit chatting on things, like how to get good marks, how to get placed when i come to final year etc. Though it may sound absolutely absurd, its true. Days passed by, we started coming out of the college during the lunch times, we see guys in the KB, the well known bakes for the whole college. Not to mention, we have a so called canteen, huh, fit for nothing one. Either we go there eat the lunch we bought from home or don go!! Ya, like a lot of others, me too got influenced to smokin!! The worst part of me, i guess. So, am a smoker right from the first year!!!!!!Coz, that was the only time pass we had in the college!! This has become a routine n that is the first year college for me!

The second year went more smoothly, ppl including me have started to bunk the classes, become lethargic in doing things properly, don submit the assignments on time, study only during the previous week of the mid-semester. Guess wat, this was a kind of the start of the college life for me!! ya, ultimately the marks went down too! Lots of new friends, making friends in our department was not an tuff task coz, every one were cool guys! There was a sudden talk of Industrial Visit(IV) in the college n we decided a trip to B'lore. This was the incident which made the bond between we friends an inseperable one! Ya, of course we were smokers in the IV too!! but now there was an improvement. Went to the pub for the first booze!! Really can't forgot that day, all we people we amateures!!But, it was really awesome, fun filled with thrill n fear, coz it was the first time! Guess now u understand the improvemnt :-). My friends circle grew a lot after the IV, which made us have lots of fun! This was the second year for me!!!

Then came the third year, this one was quite cool except for the placement stress the latter part. Huh, not to mention, me and my friends thought of presenting a paper(technical) in BITS, which turned out to be ultimate fun!!! This was one thing that i cannot forgot in life, coz we guys enjoyed more than presenting the paper, the journey was simply superb which took some couple of days to reach BITS, the travel from Delhi to Pilani which was a four hour bus journey was the most memorable one. It was more like a cultural fest than the technical side, we participated on almost all the events...only participated!! ;) One fine day at BITS, which turned up to be my b'day was awesome one, coz it was one thing celebrated at the DABBA!! hmmm... each n every one were in their own world....blah blah blah....splendid time!!!;) hmmm.. all we guys turned out to be chain smokers from here only!!! the unforgottable BITS!!!!After BITS, life was miserable for us coz we need to prepare for the placements, though no much of preparation, the thought made us really tensed!!!This was the year we went a lotta times to Gautham!!hehe secret it is!! ya, the only sem i prepared for the semesters in the college hostel was the 5th sem, which ulitmately fetched me the lowest marks ever!!!:(.....We guys have a unique way of studyin for the exams, thought most of the guys start only the day before, it s really fun studying!! The through nights we study, make us ultimate chain smokers!!hehe!!hmmm..thus ended my third year!!

OOPS, here comes the final year, the most most memorable year, the year every one in our college would have enjoyed alot. First thing was the placement, thanks to the company which hired me the second day of the college!! Thats it, usually we attend only half the classes, but now nil!!! start to hostel , go to the spot! then to the hostel, watch hell lotta movies, this is my schedule! As days moved on lotta ppl got placed and was total fun in college! Then started the treats, all guys gotta give treats rite! The first one was given to me by Arvi at the Alankar Grand, real fun!Some times, when we are totally bored, we try going to classes, that too was fun! Juz teasing the staffs n whiling away our time!! The Staffs get angry n threaten us to fail us for sure this time!! heheh we really does even give a damn to wat they talk ;) One of the treats given by five ppl togather at the so called SUN DABBA, the ultimate thing, not one guy in our class could dare to forget that treat!All we guys were in full booze(hmm.. not really)...each one started their wat to say the so called "vetti rousu" or in the perfect langugae "sallamula" :-) Those moments were simply awesome!! ya, that was how our final year passed! then came all the dhoti days n the formal days n then finally the last treat, the farewell.....hmmm..though none of the guys literally cried there, everyone s heart wept a lot on that day!!!!ya, still am a smoker!!;);)......days went on n on...suddenly exams came, thats it every thing over, we are chucked out of the college!! thats it college over...:(.....ya really college life went as soon as u read this blog!! thats the worst part in the world ever! Its kind of really hard to break the bond between we friends which was really molded in the four years of the college life!! May 6, 2006 was the last day of my college life!!:(More than that, the day i quit smoking!!:)..This was college for me!!!!!!!!!!!!