Thursday, September 28, 2006


So, finally the movie "Lage Raho Munnabhai" has bought back the concept of Gandhiji! The word 'Gandhigiri' is coined from the word 'Dadagiri' which means protesting with violence! Gandhigiri is similar to this concept of protesting but, Non-violence is the weapon. Yup, to brush up, Gandhiji manufactured this new weapon to this world seven to eight decades back.The weapon which has chucked the Scum out of India. The same principle is even now followed in lotta places, say the recent protests by the medical andother students regarding the Reservation of OBC bill. But, in vain. Recently there was an protest going on to close all the liquour shops near schools, but with a difference. The protestors used Roses instead of banners and ugly words! And yeah, they won the battle. So, we must really appreicate the power of a movie that influenced the minds of the people that was not done by books or any other public speeches!

This may be the buzz word in the news today! But do you think this is
feasible or a solution to all the problems we face?? The concept of
Gandhigiri applies only to a particular country, that too a democratic
country; Where he has the right to speak and choose his own leader! Protest
can be planned and well executed. Imagine the concept of Non-Violence
during the Kargil War?? Is it possible? No chance!Pakisthan would bomb the
whole India with ease if we ever planned for a hunger strike at that time!
As far as the practical or the outside world is concerned, there is no
chance of Gandhigiri. But,the world tries to solve this issue by means of
peace talks, etc..all in vain..If they go for peace talks, then why is each
country growing its militaty day by day, manufacturing new weapons? they
call it for safety!

This weapon, Non-violence cannot be used by every person, every where.
Say, consider ourselves, there are lot of situations which makes us
tempestuous! Almost 90% are like this. There is always a limit for temper
for every one and every country. Say for example, the country USA which
was the base for forming the UNO to maintain peace, bombed Iraq when it was
provoked by WTA blasts! Happens! When we ourselves are unable to maintain
the temper, how do we expect at the coutry level to maintain?

It does not mean that Gandhigiri is useless, but there are lot of
situations in which it does not work out!