Friday, August 24, 2007

Choo Sweeet...!

Its unanimously agreed by all that kids are urchins and are cute toooo.! Here is a video to prove the fact.. The song "Loosu Penna" made as "Oosu penna" by a real cuuuuuute kid..

Enjoy this video.!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Google's Gift to Mother India!

Ever celebrated your b'day without any gifts from your dear ones?! Nope..Yup, Google the number uno website has not betrayed Mother India..It has gifted us a couple of products which are really worthy..
To commemorate the 60 years young India, google has given us free searches in some 14 Indian languages..And on top of it, we do not need any special softwares to type them..The Ajax code written by Google to search in Tamil was really awesome. They have accommodated all the 247 letters in the language in a 4x4 inch box..And the selection is in a very lucid manner.
Eager to test it out? Most of us know we can personalize our Google Home Page based on our needs (i.e the widget we need) using iGoogle. You just need to iGoogle and select your own widgets. Here is an example text. Just type the given search keyword and try to google it, தேவதைகள் முட்டாள்கள்..! (Finding it too tuff? Copy paste it :)) Find some interesting poetry by Raga in it!

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Blogging Evolution..

Blog - A weB-LOG has changed things in life...! Apart from the fact that people make money out of blogging, there are other things too..People right from very small age are really committed to blogging..but give a break guys, guess what is the definition of a blog? It is defined in a very lucid style which i bet no one would have guessed..try thinking of it until u complete reading this blog..:)
The reason why I started a blog is to use it as my personal diary(which lot of people do even now, but not me). If you check the pattern of my blog, it really starts with my experiences, then switched to pretty thing i feel like writing..It not only me, people unanimously chose to keep this as their personal diaries, yup, the trend changed..If they pay for your blog why do u make it personal?
A weblog has ramified itself into categories like vlog, linklog, photoblog, tumbleblog, warlog, travelog etc...A pattern of blog has emerged and people can search on their area of interest. Infact, lot of people have a regular pattern in their blog and they have unique ways of popularizing them.
Unlike web content search, we have iota number of sites for searching blogs. You can try on blogdigger, feedster n google blog search as well..And why not we have online communities for blogger such as Mybloglog.
As we have two sides in a coin, we obviously have the pros and cons blogging. I have been explaining about a lot of pros rite from the beginning..Guess what the cons would be, yup, people in general misuse the blog as a medium to post their caricatures of the communal leaders and portraying things in wrong sense. 'n' number of cases have been registered for this through out the world. Hoi polloi are earning a lot in these blogs too..
Finally,here is the definition of current internet seethe BLOG.!

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Its not the way you think!!

In the the current scenario, the world on the whole believes GOOGLE! Yes, it would be more appalling to know certain things google does.!
Couple of years ago, i got to see a video the NSA, the National Security Agency run by the US government. The most shocking fact is that they monitor your surveillance. Where you go, when you go, what you do etc. The documentary clearly showed us how they monitor people over. And, one more fact is that US government has the total authority of all the mail servers, means they can check out all the information floating over the world.! This was read by me somewhere and not sure if it could be true. Considering the facts that Pentagon was crashed(not actually) and the hell lot of controversies revolving around them, this does not seem to prevaricate.

Finally coming to the fact, ever wondered if Google keeps track of what you do with Google? Yes, it keeps track of the IP address, the time and the content of search you do in a database, forever.! The worst part being they can use this willfully to the concerned authorities.! And yup, obivously problems have solution unless it is NP-Hard :)(little geeky thing). There came a website googlonymous which does not keep track of your surveillance. If you browse this way, the only visibily google has is the IP of the googlonymous.!

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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Amateur mozilla users, here are some cool things to make your life easier via Mozilla. Addons are scripts which runs on the browser and gives you a flamboyant look..These can be found here..
There are n number of these addons which will help you solving lotta problems you face in your browser or rather the web pages even.! Here are the few addons which i use them in my daily life.!

StumbleUpon - The best ever addon mozilla has..Stumble literally means to totter about or walk unsteadily..Similarly, this addon takes you away to hell lotta best webpages the Internet has. Just install this and you will get a toolbar, which is optional. Thats it, create a user account and start stumbling. It also has an option to rate the webpage, which will be used by the future stumbler.

FireBug - This one is a little geeky one..On the press of F12 key, you can have a look at the layout of how the webpage is designed..! This can be used to tweak in small elements you wanna know about the webpages you like and use it on urs! It allows you to inspect the CSS, html, JS as well as the DOM tree structure..

GreaseMonkey - Another luvly addon mozilla gives you. It helps you customize the webpages..nope, not your webpages, the commercial ones...! Say you want google home page the way you want to..Yes, it can be done..Its nothing but JavaScript which allows you to create wonders..Say for example you wanna disappear the adds which come on the right side of google.? This is the add-on for you.!

SwitchProxy - This is a simple proxy switcher tool which helps you switch the proxy with ease..Say you are in a situation where in you have to access two networks, then obviously you will have to change the proxy setting each time you wanna browse after changing the port. This saves the proxy script and allows you to change in the click of a button.!

PDF Download - Ever been annoyed by clicking on the PDF link and it gets open in the next tab? And ofcourse kills much of your time..This one asks you if the PDF should be downloaded or viewed as HTML or open it normally every time you click on a PDF.!

Gspace - Allows you to use G-Mail as yet another hard disk. Browse and drop the files and they are online..Of course, it can be seen via gmail.. It infact is stored as a mail in your gmail account with the filesystem gs.!

DownlaodStatusbar - This infact will open the downloads you do in the same window with cute graphics..Never you will have to check for the status of the download in another window.

- A simple way to blog! press F8 and a pop up opens, the basic idea of this addon is to blog on the fly..

FoxyTunes - This will show a small player on the web browser will all the default buttons like Play, Rewind and Forward..I find this useful in finding the lyrics..You will just have to click on the arrow key on the FoxyTune bar and click on lyrics..An automated search will display you the results..

GmailManager - Ever had the problem of opening two of your gmail accounts? This one is for you.!

These are all the iota of addons my browser has..There are people having nearly 150 addons installed on their browser..So guys, time to start exploring on the addons.! Do comment me the interesting addons you have come across.!